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A severe injury can be emotionally, physically, and financially devastating. When you have been injured in a car accident, our Car Accident Lawyers network is a top-rated law referral system with an award-winning team of personal injury lawyers and car accident attorneys who can assist you. We are aware that a personal injury case may overwhelm a person’s life and make it hard to move on.

You can rely on us to fight hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve since we don’t charge legal costs unless and until we successfully get a financial recovery for you. Irrespective of the kind of accident they were in or the kind of damage they experienced, people come to us for the professional, sympathetic support they need. Our network of Car Accident Lawyers wants to assist them in taking charge of their circumstances so they can concentrate on what really counts – getting back on track.

Why Let Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Handle Your Accident Case?

Despite your safe driving techniques, you have a right to justice if a traffic accident causes injuries to you or a loved one, mainly if the accident results in death. Although no money can ever take away your grief, winning a financial settlement will go a long way toward helping you get back on your feet.

Car accident lawyers

Our Car Accident Lawyers will provide you with the skilled and courteous legal assistance you require to pursue your claims effectively.
With the support of a skilled Car accident lawyer, deciding your best course of action after an automobile accident is easier. To ensure you receive the compensation you require and deserve, has many car accident lawyers with the expertise to intervene and handle the particulars that secure your rights and options.
Our car accident lawyers at are available 24/7. Your consultation with us is entirely free.

Is it Possible to Negotiate with Insurance Companies without Car Accident Lawyers?

Your primary concern should be your health, not dealing with insurance companies and other details that can cause undue stress. So, we will take care of your worries and pressure so you can focus on improving. Our online structure of car accident lawyers has learned through experience that insurance companies aren’t on your side. We know how to place blame where it belongs. We know insurance company tricks and can foil any attempt to deny you your rightful, complete, and reasonable compensation. We can help you understand your legal rights and alternatives if you’ve lost a loved one in a deadly auto accident. We’ll ensure that your rights are upheld and that you get the full restitution you and your family deserve and need.
Without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney or
Car Accident Lawyers, an insurance company will rarely make a complete and just compensation offer. After an accident, the insurance firm’s primary strategy has been to refuse you the just compensation you deserve by denying, delaying, and defending. Remember that insurance firms generate billions of dollars by obtaining as many premiums from regular people as possible and then disbursing as little money as possible when claims are filed. So you would require car accident lawyers.
With the Car accident lawyers network, we evaluated the positive aspects of your case based on several important considerations, including past and expected medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of earnings and reduced earning capacity, debilitation, disability, pain and suffering, loss of everyday life, and adjustments to your relationships with loved ones. We make this assessment when appropriate, according to our client’s schedule rather than the insurance company’s.

Car accident lawyers

Interstates in Rural Areas Are Deadly

According to the National Safety Council, motorists tend to drive much faster on longer rural roads than on shorter city roads. According to state statistics, the majority of traffic fatalities occur in rural interstates. As a result, car accidents in rural interstates are more violent and result in more fatalities.

According to research, adults are much more likely to survive a collision when a vehicle travels slower than 25 mph. When a motor vehicle exceeds 25 mph, the likelihood of a pedestrian or cyclist being killed increases exponentially.
However, the higher speed limit in large cities has made pedestrians more dangerous. According to safety experts, the problem involves distracted drivers and pedestrians. Smartphones are primarily to blame for this distraction. Be on the lookout for pedestrians using smartphones at crosswalks or drivers talking on their phones. No matter the situation, our car accident lawyers can help you at every step and deal with all the issues.

Learn more about how our car accident lawyers can help you get a settlement.

The State of Road Safety

Nobody wants to get into a car accident, even if they drive defensively and safely. But it is wise to be aware of what you are up against each time you leave the security of your driveway and onto the state’s network of roads. But if you are into an accident and get severe damages, you must need car accident lawyers.

Car accident lawyers

We can only hope that this year and the following years will see fewer than 1,000 road fatalities across the nation. But the fact that cars are moving faster despite the 70-mph speed restriction still stands. Then, the proportion of young drivers on the road keeps rising steadily.

Injuries Involved in the Most Common Car Accidents

The nature and severity of your injury may determine the type of compensation you require to move forward. Serious injuries can result in loss of earnings, potential earnings, medical bills, and long-term medical treatment. The car accident lawyers of our system will help you at every step in such cases. The following are some examples of common car accident injuries:

BACK INJURY: Even if a doctor says there doesn’t appear to be anything seriously wrong, you could still have suffered a back injury. It is critical to seek immediate medical attention following a car accident.

BROKEN BONES: A car accident that results in broken bones or a bone fracture is not a minor injury. They will always require medical attention and time to recover. In addition, many people are unable to return to work while recovering from injuries. As a result, lost salaries are almost always included in compensation.

NECK INJURY: Some neck injuries cause symptoms immediately, while others take days or weeks. Seek medical attention if you’ve been in a car accident and believe you’ve injured your neck.

KNEE INJURIES: Knee injuries sustained in car accidents can be severe. You will have to deal with lost income if you need weeks or months to recover. In addition, you may need help to perform the same tasks you once did, resulting in a loss of earning capacity.

CATASTROPHIC INJURIES: A catastrophic injury is one that prevents an individual from performing any socially useful work indefinitely. Because of their serious, long-term consequences, these injuries frequently place a significant burden on the victim’s family. Furthermore, the lifetime cost of rehabilitation and medical bills will place a substantial financial strain on a family.

WHIPLASH: Whiplash refers to a group of neck injuries caused or aggravated by a sudden distortion of the neck, also known as extension. In many whiplash cases, the true extent of a patient’s physical damage, particularly to soft tissues in the cervical region, is not immediately apparent following a car accident. Minor whiplash injuries usually go away on their own after a while. On the other hand, more severe whiplash injuries can cause immediate and long-term medical problems.

Insurance companies make billions of dollars by collecting as many premiums as possible from ordinary people and then paying out as few claims as possible. So whatever your injury, you should be entitled to ALL of your benefits, not just the ones the insurance company wants to approve.

Our car accident lawyers at want to help you take control of your situation so you can focus on what matters most: getting back on track.

Car accident lawyers

Motor Vehicle Accident

The type of injuries suffered by motorists and their passengers or pedestrians is heavily influenced by the type of accident in which they were involved. And our car accident lawyers’ attorneys are always there to support you in getting compensation. The manner in which vehicles collide has an impact on the injuries that result.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are often fatal, involving the front ends of two vehicles colliding or a single vehicle colliding with a stationary object such as a tree or telephone pole. Unfortunately, these horrific collisions frequently result in fatalities in this type of accident.

Rollover of a vehicle

A rollover is the deadliest type of crash, in which a vehicle is rolled over onto its side or roof due to faulty driving or a collision with another vehicle. A vehicle rollover increases the risk of death because it can break the driver’s and passengers’ necks.

Multiple vehicle collisions

Pile-ups can cause a single vehicle to be hit multiple times, increasing the risk of injury or death among the vehicle’s occupants. The aftermath of a multiple-vehicle collision is also dangerous because crumpled cars smashed into or piled atop one another make escape difficult, especially for the injured. Pile-ups are most common along freeways in low-visibility conditions.

Rear-end collisions or rear-ending

This type of accident can be caused by either the vehicle in front suddenly slowing down or braking or the vehicle behind it accelerating faster than the vehicle in front of it.

T-bone or side-impact collisions

When the side of a vehicle is hit by the front or rear of another vehicle or a fixed object, it is said to be broadsided. As a result, more vehicles are being equipped with side airbags and designed with crumple zones.

In case of any injury, our car accident lawyers will always guide and support you.

The Ever-Present Danger of Distracted Drivers and Mobile Phones

Distracted driving is defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as any activity that diverts attention away from driving. Talking or texting on a mobile phone, eating and drinking, talking to people in the vehicle, and fiddling with the stereo, entertainment, or navigation system are all potentially dangerous activities.

Car accident lawyers

According to the NHTSA, distracted drivers cause 80% of accidents and 16% of highway deaths. So it’s also concerning to learn that 1.6 million, or one-fourth of all crashes in the United States, are caused by distracted drivers (also called smartphones). Another million, or 18% of traffic accidents, are caused by texting and driving.
According to these statistics, one accident is caused by distracted driving while using a mobile phone every 24 seconds. According to NHTSA and other road safety organizations, texting while driving is a “most alarming distraction” that can lead to fatal consequences. They discovered that sending or reading a text takes a driver’s attention away from the road for about five seconds.
The NHTSA is adamant that a driver can only drive safely if they are focused on driving. Any non-driving activity, mainly talking on the phone or texting, is a distraction that increases a driver’s risk of a collision. The most common form of distracted driving is texting while driving. It increases the risk of a crash by 23 times over distracted driving.

Car accident lawyers

Negligence and The Law

Automobile insurance protects you from any vehicle accident’s financial and physical ramifications. This type of insurance is required, as the liability against a negligent driver is usually based on negligence. In most cases, an injured pedestrian’s most likely source of compensation is automobile insurance.

A pedestrian or auto accident victim is generally entitled to financial compensation for the percentage of fault assigned to the negligent driver. If the driver causes the accident, the driver’s insurance will compensate them. If the driver is uninsured, the pedestrian’s losses will be paid by UIM or no-fault coverage.

Consequences of reckless driving

The consequences of distracted driving and other reckless behaviors are horrifying. These behaviors include driving while intoxicated, speeding, and driving while under the influence of drugs.
The NHTSA reported a decrease in fatalities caused by distracted and woozy driving. Deaths from other reckless behaviors, such as speeding, alcohol impairment, and not wearing seat belts, on the other hand, have continued to rise. More than a third of the year-to-year increase was attributed to motorcycle and pedestrian fatalities.

Teenage drivers are at the highest risk

According to the NHTSA, distracted driving reports 25% of all crashes involving teen drivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States confirmed this, reporting that drivers under the age of 20 are at the highest risk of distracted driving-related crashes.

Car accident lawyers

It’s no secret that teenagers are obsessed with their phones. When teenagers get behind the wheel, this fondness often continues. According to a 2011 CDC study, nearly half of all American high school students aged 16 and up texted or emailed while driving.

These teenagers are also five times more likely to drink and drive. The study also found that teenagers who text while driving are nearly twice as likely to be in a car with a drunk driver. The consequences of these actions are tragic. In 2013, almost one million teen drivers between the age of 16 and 19 were involved in car accidents. These accidents killed 2,865 people and injured 383,000 people across the country.

In short, Car Accident Lawyers assist car accident victims of any age in constructing personal injury claims and seeking all types of compensation for the damages caused by other drivers. Contacting a professional car accident lawyer’s attorney can help make those things more manageable

What will your car accident lawyers do?

Following your car accident, a car accident lawyer can gather information from the spot, negotiate with insurance companies, provide legal advice, and assist you in pursuing compensation for your losses, allowing you to heal and return to your routine. Victims of car accidents may experience traumatic events.

How soon after an accident should you contact a car accident lawyer?

While that may appear to be a long time, valuable evidence can be lost or destroyed in a matter of weeks. Therefore, injured accident victims should contact an attorney as soon as possible, even if they are unsure whether they want to file a lawsuit.

Why do you need a car accident lawyer?

A car accident lawyer can undoubtedly assist you in filing cases/charges or communicating with third parties, such as witnesses at the mishap/accident. If you are in a situation where you need to talk, it is always best to consult with an attorney first.

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